Best Ways To Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is a festival of bonds Between Brother and sister as we all know that sister  ties the rakhi on her brother’s right wrist to show her love and care for her brother and it return the brother pledge to protect his sister and thus this is all meant to be in Raksha Bandhan. And the brother also give his sister a gift.

History of Raksha Bandha

One of the story behind raksha bandhan is between Yama(the god of death) and Yamuna(One of the Holy River Flows in India) as they both were the child of the Surya(Sun) the Yamuna ties her a rakhi to show her love and care  for her brother as in return He gifted her immortality and said that any brother who would tie a rakhi from Her sister and swear to protect her will also get immortality, and thus raksha bandhan is celebrated every year with the same spirit.

And raksha bandhan with a cake and gifts of your sister’s choice will also make the raksha bandhan even more good and your sister will love it,so if you want you can also buy a cake and gifts from Online cake delivery in Vadodara


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